Canterbury Cottage

Canterbury Cottage is cute shop nestled in the heart of Downtown Holland and carries a wide variety of items from home furnishings, unique jewelry and children's attire. Canterbury Cottage also has a large selection of silk floral arrangements, centerpieces and wreaths. We can also make a custom arrangement designed just for you. Whether you are looking for a big chunky pendant, a cute new pillow or that perfect outfit for a baby shower, stop in and browse Canterbury Cottage.

Meet the Owner

Cindy sitting

Cindy Haight

Our owner, Cindy Haight, founded Canterbury Cottage over 25 years ago as she wanted to help financially while her boys were in school by making custom floral and dried floral arrangements, selling them at craft shows around the state. As demand grew, her talents followed. Soon she opened her first shop in Jenison, MI and began the official journey of Canterbury Cottage. After several years in Jension an opportunity to move into Downtown Holland was to good to pass up and allowed her to expand into more home furnishings, women’s clothing & accessories, jewelry and children’s clothing, which led to Canterbury Cottage & Kids. Over the years in Holland the business continued to grow and they became known for their interior design abilities which eventually led to opening their second location, Canterbury Cottage Interiors just blocks away in a new build. The new location offers furnishings, flooring selections, artwork and our design center for custom furniture. Our design staff has worked on various projects throughout West Michigan, including some Parade Homes.

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